Cover Page Draft 2.doc1425920
Facilities Plan 2nd Draft, December 22.doc1037312
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Figures for Ch. 1:
Figure 1.0.1 Big Wave Project Site.pdf1261934
Figure 1.0.doc57344
Figure 1.1.1 Wellness Center Site Plan.pdf11596150
Figure 1.1.2 Wellness Center, Wetlands Restoration.pdf30286564
Figure 1.1.3a.doc199168
Figure 1.1.3b.doc129536
Figure 1.1.4a Wellness Center, Floor Plan First Floor.pdf9486296
Figure 1.1.4b Wellness Center Floor Plan 2nd Floor.pdf9220672
Figure 1.1.4c Wellness Center Floor Plan Third Floor.pdf9366755
Figure 1.1.4d Wellness Center North Units.pdf10469415
Figure 1.1.4e Wellness Center, South Units.pdf9240828
Figure 1.1.4f Four Bedroom Breezeway.pdf7960937
Figure 1.1.4g Four Bedroom with Narrow Breezeway.pdf7948672
Figure 1.1.4h Four Bedroom Breezeway without Kitchen.pdf7813998
Figure 1.1.4i Wellness Center North Units.pdf12561087
Figure 1.1.4j Wellness Center South Units.pdf5478219
Figure 1.1.4k Recreation Center.pdf11497751
Figure 1.1.4l Breezeway Units.pdf11679489
Figure 1.1.4m continued.pdf4831707
Figure 1.1.4m exterior finishes palette.pdf3056168
Figure 1.1.5 Wellness Center Street View.doc127488
Figure 1.1.7 Wellness Center Storage Elevations.pdf1462133
Figure 1.1.8 Wellness Center Storage Floor Plans.pdf915510
Figure 1.2.6 Coop Share Calculation Sheet.xls23040
Figure 1.3.1 Office Park Site Plan.pdf19985399
Figure 1.3.2A Office Park Wetlands Restoration.pdf19338800
Figure 1.3.2b Wetlands Restoration Planting Take Offs.pdf14538562
Figure 1.3.2b Wetlands Restoration Planting Take-Offs.pdf897890
Figure 1.3.3 Office Park First Floor Plan.pdf1550015
Figure 1.3.4 Office Park Floor Plan.pdf1321181
Figure 1.3.5 Office Park Elevations.pdf2332392
Figure 1.3.6 View from Maverick's.doc758784
Figure 1.3.7.doc475136
Figure 1.3.8.doc1097728
Figure 1.3.9 Office Park Communications Building.pdf1192516
Figure 1.5 Rain Garden Micro Depression.doc9069056
Figure 1.5 Rain Garden Micro Depression.pdf202584
Figure 1.6 Big Wave Energy Schematic.doc33280
Figure 1.6.6 Wind Turbines.pdf2415144
Figure 1.7.doc65536
Figure 1.9 Big Wave Farming Schematic.doc33792
Figures for Ch. 3:
econ table 3.2.xls27136
econ table 3.3.xls17920
Figures for Ch. 11:
Figure 11.1 Photo Simulation Locations.pdf3232473
Figure 11.2 Existing Mavericks Parking Lot.pdf2432948
Figure 11.3 Existing Airport Street.pdf7189336
Figure 11.4 Existing Highway 1.pdf8123943
Figure 11.5 Marericks Parking Lot Post Construction.pdf2524788
Figure 11.6 Airport Street Post Costruction.pdf2027102
Figure 11.7 Highway 1 Post Construction.pdf2961921