San Mateo County Midcoast Local Government
Agency Abbreviations and Regular Meeting Schedules

Ag Adv Com Agricultural Advisory Committee Second Monday as needed
BoS San Mateo County Board of Supervisors most Tuesdays
CCWD Coastside County Water District Second Tuesdays
CDRC Coastside Design Review Committee Second Wednesdays
CFPD Coastside Fire Protection District Third Tuesdays
CUSD Cabrillo Unified School District Second Thursdays
GSD Granada Sanitary District Third Thursdays
HMB CC Half Moon Bay City Council First and third Tuesdays
HMBFPD Half Moon Bay Fire Protection District As of October 1, 2007, see Coastside Fire Protection District
HMB PC Half Moon Bay Planning Commission Second and Fourth Thursdays
HMB P&R Half Moon Bay Parks and Recreation Commission Fourth Tuesdays
LAFCo Local Agency Formation Commission Third Wednesdays
LCP Updt S.M. County LCP Update (Meeting schedule concluded)
MCC Midcoast Community Council Second Wednesdays (as of March 2007)
MCC P&R MCC Parks and Recreation Committee none -- committee dissolved
MCC P&Z MCC Planning and Zoning Committee none scheduled
MCC PW MCC Public Works Committee (merged with P&Z in February 2004)
MROSD Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District Second and Fourth Wednesdays
MWSD Montara Water and Sanitary District First and Third Thursdays
PMAC Pescadero Municipal Advisory Council Second Tuesdays
PMFPD Point Montara Fire Protection District As of October 1, 2007, see Coastside Fire Protection District
SAM Sewer Authority Midcoastside Fourth Mondays
SMCHD San Mateo County Harbor District First and Third Wednesdays
SMC RCD San Mateo County Resource Conservation District Third Thursdays
SMC P&R San Mateo County Parks and Recreation Commission First Thursdays
SMC PC San Mateo County Planning Commission Second and Fourth Wednesdays
SMC ZHO San Mateo County Zoning Hearing Officer First and Third Thursdays