Let them know that thinking, caring people oppose this badly deficient project

If you want to influence the decision at the Coastal Commission, it is critical to let them and our Assemblymember, Joe Simitian, and the Speaker of the House, Herb Wesson, know your opinion.

Those in favor of this project have been and will be contacting them. The developers have hired expensive lobbyists – you have the same power with your letter – but only if you contact them now!

Although the Coastal Commission is meeting March 5 – 8, the staff is writing their recommendation now.

Now is the time to write a letter to the Coastal Commission. Please send copies to Assemblymember Joe Simitian and Speaker of the House Herb Wesson.

CA Coastal Commission
N. Central Coast District Office Fax: (415) 904-5400
45 Fremont Street
Suite 2000
San Francisco, CA

We recommend addressing letters to the Staff, and ask them to bring it to the attention of Chair Sara Wan and all the commissioners.

Your letter must say: "RE: Appeal No. A-1-99-51 - Please give a copy to this letter to every Coastal Commission member."

Assemblymember Joe Simitian
Capitol Office:
Phone: (916) 319-2021
Fax: (916) 319-2121
State Capitol, Room 5119
Sacramento, CA 95814

District Office:
Phone: (650) 688-6330
Fax: (650) 688-6336
160 Town & Country Village
Palo Alto, CA 94301

Assembly Speaker Herb Wesson
Capitol Office:
Phone:(916) 319.2047
Fax (916) 319.2147
State Capitol P.O. Box 942849
Sacramento, CA

District Office:
Phone: (323) 290.5105
Fax (323) 290.5127
5100 West Goldleaf Circle,
Suite 230
Los Angeles, CA 90056