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Wavecrest likely to be heard at the Coastal Commission in May!

Current plan: Current plan overhead view. Read the 45 page project plan (2.7MB PDF).

Current plan for the school: see the concept. Developer claims no wetlands here.

What do antiquated subdivision maps have to do with Wavecrest? Potentially lots. (1.7MB PDF)

17 days after a rain, standing water. What does that say about the water table?

How wet?: How about some pictures?. The Sierra Club has some concerns. (94K PDF)

Commission on wetlands: Working with Wavecrest Partners on wetlands. CCC biologist background memo.

Wavecrest wildlife: See a short-eared owl in flight (1.8MB QuickTime).

WAVECREST OR BUST?: CCC concerns about taking farmland out of production.

March 14, 2003: CUSD board voted 5-0 to reconsider the middle school site. In June they decided to renew their commitment to the Wavecrest site.

OLD NEWS: Wavecrest developers aren't providing information about their wetland study... (261K PDF)

AND: Wavecrest developers STILL weren't providing information!

AND: Wavecrest developers decided to provide biological information, developed by themselves rather than jointly, as agreed, with the Coastal Commission staff biologist. So far, the public hasn't seen what data has been submitted.

Really old news: Anticipated completion December 1947

A little bit about the North Wavecrest project

History of the project before the Coastal Commission

1999 Half Moon Bay Review coverage of the
installation of a drain pipe in disputed wetland areas.

Contact the Commission
Where is this project?
At the south end of town, across Hwy 1 from the fire station.
Take a walk around the site.

Get an overhead view
an older, more detailed overhead photo
and as a 208K PDF

What's the project look like?
Current plan overhead view
45 pages of the project plan (2.7MB PDF).
The school site
The prior (non-submitted) plan overhead view

An older version of the project:
the site
the neighborhood
• the "town center"
The contracts:
Questions for the reader:
  • Who pays for the school land?
  • Who pays for roads, sewers, and such?
  • Who pays for the school itself?
  • Did the developers cut a discount on the land?

It's all in the contracts.

How much of the N. Wavecrest site is wetlands?
We don't know yet...the studies have not been completed.
But take a look a few days after a rain (you might want galloshes).

The Sierra Club has some serious concerns (94K PDF).

How much of the N. Wavecrest site is endangered
species habitat?
We don't know yet...the studies have not been completed.
We do know that short-eared owls (movie), a listed species of
special concern, winter and forage at Wavecrest, as do many
other raptors.

The Sequoia Audubon Society considers Wavecrest the most
important raptor habitat in San Mateo County.

How far is the middle school site from Montara?
7.6 miles, anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes during the commute

How far is Montara from Pacifica's middle school?
7.5 miles, about 15 minutes during the commute

When you look at the project, note that the vast majority of the site is unplanned.
The vast majority of the parcels aren't part of the plan at all.
Where are the middle school and the Boys and Girls club? Good question. This sign was erected by Ken Jones, CUSD board president.

Mr. Jones was present at the Coastal Commission meeting on 12/12/2001 when the board's business partner (see agreements above) Bill Barrett asked for a continuance so they could complete some unfinished homework.

The school board has not publicly urged their business partners to simply do the required homework. Mike Ferreira was at the same meeting, but didn't get a chance to speak before Barrett asked for the continuance. Here's what Mike had to say about the sign.

The CUSD Land Swap

The school board made a deal with the Wavecrest developers that involved swapping some land in El Granada and some money. This section provides some background on the issues, some of the rationale used to promote the plan, what others have said, and some documentation to help you understand what transpired and what the regulations actually say.

The San Mateo County Civil Grand Jury had this to say.

Read the El Granada sale and development agreement, its Schedule 2 - Preliminary Development Budget, and the Wavecrest purchase agreement (PDF).

Ken Jones, long-time CUSD President, had this to say about the land swap "deal".

Take a look at the contracts. Did you know that the CUSD board is contractually obligated to publicly support the Wavecrest Village development?

Wavecrest and the school board got their start working together back when the board decided to trade land in El Granada for land at Wavecrest. Why did the school board reject use of the land they already own in El Granada? Board members claimed that the El Granada land was unusable for a school site because of its proximity to the Half Moon Bay Airport. Here's a map.

Looking for San Mateo County's web site? Follow this link.

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